UE5 Slash and Hit VFX (with SFX)

Very Useful in Various genre of Cold Weapon,Slash/Trail/Hit VFX and SFX,All in One Package,Customizable and Well-optimized!!

Well organized assets, high visual qulity with efficiency and good optimization!!

Override parameters for Scalable Size,Custom Color(HUe) etc..easy to use!!Dont need to understand NiagaraSystem!

The name of VFX has keyword: „Trail“ means this VFX Niagara system need to be attached on the weapon(mesh).Thus it will follow the Weapon automaticly.

However,The name of VFX has keyword: „Slash“ means this VFX Niagara system is a Disc-Shape VFX.Need Rotate it via transform to match the action of Character.

All VFX have Corresponding SFX which are made by Ourself.Please feel free to use them in Your Project.

27 types of Unique VFX (13 types Slash VFX for 13 types of weapon pair with 13 types of Hit VFX + 1 block VFX).

and Two additional VFX : one for Pure Refraction Trail, one for Tiptop Trail.

There are two Example in the Demo Map. Pls Check them out to get the ideal how to Implement~ Its easy I believe!!

.See if you can find out some keywords below(Also see in the Preview video).Maybe There are something useful for Your Project


HD Preview>> https://youtu.be/h9qfX3yKtKE

Technical Details


  • Slash VFX for Various genre of Cold Weapon
  • Corresponding Hit VFX
  •  Corresponding SFX
  •  self Scalability(LOD)
  • The name of VFX has keyword: „Trail“ means this VFX Niagara system need to be attached on the weapon(mesh).

Type of Emitters: CPU/GPU

Number of Unique Effects: 29

LODs: Yes

Number of Materials: 34

Number of Textures: 66

Number of Unique Meshes: 29

Number of Audio Waves: 36

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes

Documentation: https://youtu.be/h9qfX3yKtKE ( in the description box )

Important/Additional Notes: Please Enable Niagara plugin

UE5 Slash and Hit VFX (with SFX)|cgshopee
UE5 Slash and Hit VFX (with SFX)
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