UE4/UE5 Post Apocalyptic City

Complete environment pack for creating post apocalyptic cities. Over 650+ models, building blueprints, cars, 50+ blueprints that speeds up level creation, dynamic time of day system with rain options and example map with optimized lighting and landscape.

Huge 4,2 square kilometer environment with over 50 blueprints that help to speed up the level creation process and keep performance optimized. Building system that generates different type buildings with over 160+ variables to change for windows, sidewalks, dimensions, colors, etc. Spline blueprints with various systems that helps to create highways, traffic dividers etc. Scattering systems that handle everything from debris scale to far away cities. 

A library with over 650 different post apocalyptic styled assets like abandoned and drivable cars, bus stops and even furniture etc. Pack also includes nature assets like foliage and rocks for surrounding forest biome. 

Example level is using World Partition and a landscape material that comes with four different layers using hi-quality textures, distance based macro details, slope and virtual texturing support + landscape grass. Materials support moss/dirt/damage and wetness layers. Various material layers are converted into material functions for easier editing and assets are using material instances.

Pack also comes with an example player that contains logic to interact with vehicles, items, doors etc.

Technical Details


  • Over 50 blueprints for faster level creation
  • Building blueprint system that generates building exteriors/interiors with 160+ parameters
  • 10 different styled buildings
  • A drivable car with paint control
  • Spline blueprints for highways, sidewalks…
  • Scattering system for debris and distance cities
  • Over 650+ different post apocalyptic themed assets
  • Advanced materials with multiple customizable parameters
  • 4,2 square kilometer example level with dynamic lighting and rainy weather option
  • 4 layer landscape material with adaptive tessellation and distance based macro details
  • Example level with optimized dynamic lighting and landscape
  • Library of high quality tiling textures

Number of Unique Meshes: 669

Collision: Yes, automatically and manually generated

Vertex Count: 200-30 000 depending on asset

LODs: Yes, 3-4 depending on asset

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 304

Number of Textures: 557

Texture Resolutions:

  • 4K (24)
  • 2K (306)
  • 1K (142)
  • 512 (12)
  • 256 (17)

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: No

UE4/UE5 Post Apocalyptic City|cgshopee
UE4/UE5 Post Apocalyptic City
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