„Hello! I’m excited to introduce you to an exhilarating map pack: Forest Bar! This pack contains 500 unique meshes, offering a wide range of possibilities for your games or film projects. With its detailed design and flexible usage, Forest Bar will elevate your art to new heights. Download now and unleash your creativity!“


  • Screenshots are unedited and reflect the actual content.
  • High detailed Modular Forest Bar.
  • Super fast and easy to customize.


Plugin Setup,

  • „To run the forest, install the Procedural Content Generation Framework plugin from within the plugin.“


? Features ?

  • Automatic Vegetation
  • Pivot Painter Wind
  • Interactive Foliage
  • Tree PCG System
  • Landscape Blend Model
  • Landscape,Tile Texture Parallax Map
  • RVT
  • Vertex Painting
  • Master Material
  • Particles
  • Trash Paint
  • Electric Pole System
  • Opening Doors


Technical Details



➤ High Attention to Details

➤Nanite & Lumen Compatible

➤Including Showcased Map

➤ Attention to Detail / AAA Quality

➤Unique Concepts of Assets

➤High-Quality Assets

➤Game-ready / Optimized

➤Modular structures

➤Modular walls, floors, ceiling, roof, and more.

➤Interior and Exterior Props (Bar,Kitchen,Forest)

➤Fabric Physics

➤LODs: „For trees, automatic LOD is used, and for the rest, Nanite is utilized.“

➤Sound: No

➤Collision: Yes – automatically generated

➤Uv mapping: Yes

➤Animation: Yes

➤Number of Meshes: 500

➤Number of Materials: 22

➤Number of Instance Materials: 184

➤Number of Function Materials: 38

➤Number of Textures: 637

➤Texture Resolutions: 2K-4K

➤Particles: 5

➤Albedo,Normal Map,Roughness,Metalness,Emission,Displacement,AO

➤Windows: (Yes)

➤Mac: (Yes)“Those who purchased other packages say that it works on Mac, so this should work too.“


  • This product supports Lumen/Nanite for Unreal Engine 5.0+ (Documentation)
  • Projects use Nanite based geometry meshes and models for Unreal Engine 5.0+ (Documentation)
UE5.2+ Forest Bar MODULAR LUMEN|cgshopee
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