UE4/UE5 Anime Sky HDRI Plus

15 seamless 360-degree processed HDRI images of anime skies.

– Through continuous improvement and innovative production steps, HDRI images achieve a seamless 360° view.

– As a background without any foreground occlusion to match the rendering of your 3D model.

– Fresh style anime HDRI environment maps.

– Covering natural environments in different times of the day: dawn, noon, afternoon, dusk and night.

– Vibrant and harmonious color palette.

– 6144X3072 HDRI images.

– 15 HDRI images, 15 example levels.

– Suitable for games, art or movies(even use it as your computer’s Ultra HD desktop wallpaper).

Technical Details


  •  15 HDRI panoramas
  •  15 Map examples
  • 15 JPEG textures

Texture Resolutions:

  •  6144X3072

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: (Yes)

Mac: (Yes)

Important/Additional Notes:

Important: If the earlier version of UE4 is not compatible, please drag the HDRI image into the Content Browser of UE5 to use it, HDRI path: Your Projects\AnimeSkyHDRIPlus\Content\AnimeSkyHDRIPlus\Textures

Must – Please enable HDRIBackdrop in Edit-Plugins before use (UE5 version has it built-in, UE4 earlier versions need to install it manually)

Optional – You can adjust the HDRI environment brightness in Details-HDRIBackdrop(self)-Intensity (turn off auto exposure to take effect)

Optional – You can adjust the ambient light color that illuminates the objects in HDRIBackdrop(self)-Skylight-Light Color

UE4/UE5 Anime Sky HDRI Plus|cgshopee
UE4/UE5 Anime Sky HDRI Plus
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